Character Art (2D / 3D)

The collation of 3D and 2D character designs; they are sorted in sequence respectively.

The works shown are not exhaustive; please feel free to ask for more examples.


3D Character Designs

Characters done using Maya (Autodesk) and rendered with Mental Ray, Maya Software and Arnold.

Hickory (left) and Stone (Right) are characters from one of my FYP projects back in (2016). 

Both of the characters are rendered in Mental Ray and textured in Photoshop. 

Plant creature for modelling assignment.

The creature is modelled in Maya Autodesk (2016) and textured in Photoshop, it is rendered using Maya Software.

School texturing assignment.
Model provided by the school, I UV-ed (Maya) and textured the character in Photoshop) after a mad scientist.

3D Transportation Models

(Train) Modelled and textured in Maya 2014, rendered with Maya Software.
(Cars) Models taken from online, I UV-ed the cars in maya and textured them in Photoshop.

FYP Models (Hawk (Muninn) and Eljinn from The Cartographer)

Muninn: Modelled in Maya, Textured in Substance Painter
Eljinn: Modelled by Nicole Ong and Lydia Lui, textured by me in Substance Painter


2D Character Designs

Done and painted in Photoshop for FYP and other projects.

Initial early concepts of the Hawk (Muninn)

Denizens in the forest in The Cartographer

  • Top: Undead Boss Skeleton

  • (Bottom) Creatures of the woods (distinguished by the various skulls on their faces)

Character Sheet of the Dumpling Mouse

The design of the creature is based on a combination of the japanese rice ball and sunflower seed,

with the intention of showing a rotund, lovable character with a silly personality.

Various Character Sheets (assortment)

  1. Rex the Explorer Fox (from a steampunk world)

  2. Denizens of an asian-inspired underworld (modelled after distinct shapes of the underworld guardians.



A series of comics done for school and personal hobby.

A homage (with a slight, comedic ending) to the Wizard of Oz, done in the traditional 6 panel per page comic style.

A homage (with a slight, comedic ending) to the Wizard of Oz, done in a more freestyle layout.


Title: The Cat that loved Humanity all too much

Subject: A somber tale about the black cat that refused to give up on humanity despite experiencing both exceeding kindness and cruelty at the hands of humanity for all his 9 lives. A piece against the prejudice towards black cats as harbingers of misfortune. A more free-styled panel of comic, reading from left to right.

Medium: Photoshop

Scroll with the arrows to navigate through the panels.