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Character Art (2D / 3D)

The collation of 3D and 2D character designs; they are sorted in sequence respectively.

The works shown are not exhaustive; please feel free to ask for more examples.

3D Characters

3D Character Designs

Characters done using Maya (Autodesk) and rendered with Mental Ray, Maya Software and Arnold.

Hickory (left) and Stone (Right) are characters from one of my FYP projects back in (2016). 

Both of the characters are rendered in Mental Ray and textured in Photoshop. 

Plant creature for modelling assignment.

The creature is modelled in Maya Autodesk (2016) and textured in Photoshop, it is rendered using Maya Software.

School texturing assignment.
Model provided by the school, I UV-ed (Maya) and textured the character in Photoshop) after a mad scientist.

3D Transportation Models

(Train) Modelled and textured in Maya 2014, rendered with Maya Software.
(Cars) Models taken from online, I UV-ed the cars in maya and textured them in Photoshop.