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Environment Art

Environment arts of various styles done digitally in Photoshop.

3D works are done in Maya and textured in either Photoshop or substance.

Environment Art
Character Art

Dungeon Concepts (Lighting Studies)

FYP Concept of a Mining Town, House, and various concepts.


FYP Stills (Join effort by Jessabel Teng, Lydia Lui, Nicole Ong and I.)


Modelled the House in Maya, and textured in Substance Painter.
The concept of the house is based on the Mongolian Yurts, and designed by Lydia Lui.

The Cartographer is a single player, 3D action-adventure game developed in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and playable on Microsoft Windows.

"Join Eljinn as he sets out on a journey, seeking to become the world’s finest Cartographer. Will he eventually succeed, or will he be stopped by the precarious Miasma?”

Role in the Project: Lead Rigging Artist, 3D Modeller and Texture Artist, Motion Graphics Artist, Scenario Writer

I did modelling (Maya), UV-ing and texturing (Substance Painter) of the various assets within the scene.

I modelled the ruins, UV-ed them and passed them over to Jessabel Teng for texturing in Substance Painter.