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A collection of storyboards for FYP, short stories and personal projects.

Title: Progress
Subject: A nightmare dream sequence with fantastical elements for open interpretations. 

Title: Brother?
Subject: A short storyboard about a selfless T-rex helping to rear an egg he had found along the way, only to find an unexpected surprise. 

Title: The Black Dragon King
Subject: A coming of age tale about a carp that strove to prove himself to his kind by striving across all obstacles to eventually become the black dragon king. Inspired by the Chinese folklore of 'Carp leaping over the Dragon Gate'. 

Title: What's for Dinner: Mummy's secret recipe.
Subject: Join Ancient Egyptian Death God - Anubia - for the quick preparation of

his day to day-meal.

Title: Nemesis
Subject: A short commercial gag of a cool -looking werewolf actor losing his composure on screen due to the appearance of a mouse.